In my city hosted the first conference designdays designers, which I was fortunate to participate as a speaker on the topic unreal engein
The main theme of the report was devoted to the story about the peculiarities of the gaming graphics capabilities unreal engein.
Just talking about the projects that we have done on this engine and the challenges we have faced.

What quality images is now possible to achieve in the game engine, and with some effort. All this I have demonstrated on several models.
Some general information about the PBR material and how it has changed the appearance of the games. What are the requirements for the material textures PBR, limiting gaming and graphics engine.
All these topics are also raised in the report.

About DesignDays
We discuss case studies, trends, technologies and approaches in design. Sharing experiences and achievements.

About the project
and how we are a team of four people in the art produced content for game projects, it was dedicated to the second half of my report.

What are the stages it was our job and what we avoided. In addition to an I brought an example of a project, in this example, I showed what facilities we have spent more time.

The conference was attended by 150 people, and 400 people have expressed their desire to come.
I thank the organizers for the invitation!