Сириус / Sirius

A couple of weeks ago, it was abandoned as a landing in the educational center Sirius as a guest expert for consulting and teaching children 3D. Children from Olympiad brought from all over the country took part in the “Big Challenges” projects.
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This year, my couples for 3D Modeling and Technical Drawing ended in the Togliatti Academy of Management. The training program decided to radically change and compress.
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... Do it just cool! and after these words we spend half a year having fun in the office. After that, at best, we close and disagree at the worst we go to point one and rework the project.
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Already a few weeks last year, my 3d course at the city academy was over, it was lucky to combine 3d and Technical drawing for the department of design.
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DesignDaysWe discuss case studies, trends, technologies and approaches in design. Sharing experiences and achievements.
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Colleagues a few months ago I was invited to conduct the course 3D graphics. The Togliatti Academy of Management.
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CG-Alliance stream

Great news! we recently with colleagues and old friends from the group CG-Alliance spent stream. The topic of discussion was moving and working abroad. Only in Russian
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Gnomonworckshop tutorial

Clearly demonstrated how Stephen saved their time and paid only forces the main part of the lesson, using the Chinese packages.
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Quite recently undergone stream for the group Zbattle streamers on this, I talked about my work process and some methods work.
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Dubai comicon 2015

Dubai comicon held in 2015 and this exhibition was presented the book with my work. This art book compiled a large number of artists.
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