In this section I have gathered a few of my interview with that I gave to various resources. All interviews can be downloaded from the website or available on the network link.
".....Another method that I use ZBrush for 3D concepts and sketches with hints of detail. In the future, a rough 3D-sketch thrown in
Modo for retopologiyu under hardsurfeys...."

“....It’s very hard to describe my own style, but I have observed a rapid thrust geometry, laser light, inorganic anatomy thrust to revive lifeless. I have a few artists who really inspire me and force to move forward. One of them is Vitaly Bulgarov with whom I was lucky to work together in the same company in Russia…..”

".... Today we have a guest - Yuriy Romaniuk, concept designer. He will tell some of their secrets and show beautiful pictures) I sincerely want to thank George ..