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CartonBox set

Set of clean boxes. The set consists of 10 elements and has 3 boxes and 7 cardboard parts. All boxes are ready and made according to the standards of the gaming industry. They have high quality performance and are ready to be used in VR projects. Boxes are clean of information and this is important! You can place any information and logo in the style of your project. ______________________________________________ Features: Models are fully baked with a high poly model. High poly model was made by hand. 22 - items 10 - Meshe Number of Unique Meshes: 10 Texture Resolutions: ( 4096x4096 ) Vertex Count: Big Box - 1146 (Triangls: 1458) Small Box - 715 (Triangls: 822) Midl Box - 2546 (Triangls: 3238) LODs: (No) Collision: (Yes/automatically generated) Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Number of Textures: 9 Supported Development Platforms: Windows: (Yes) Mac: (Yes) VR: (Yes)
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