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Medic 3d model

#3d Model
36.00$3 268₽
The character will give you the ability to quickly move on to prototyping your project saving you time. The stock model allows the use of quality character in the cinematic, gaming and casual type of project. Character has a modo file for subdivision smoothing surface. Additionally, the archive is present .ztl hipoly model. The character has a Hipoly model for subdivision in zbrush additionally there lowpoly model with four textures 4096x4096 and the have number polygons of 68 000 Total volume 209,87 mb


.RAR _hipoly model_Medic (.ztl .fbx .lxo)


+ .RAR _lowpoly model_Medic (.fbx .obj .lxo) -texture Medic normal /power/diffuse/specular 4k(.tga) -texture Backpack normal /power/diffuse/specular 4k(.tga) + .RAR _JPG render exempls


Not all parts of the robot need of smoothing. Incorrect use of anti-aliasing can distort the shape of the character.


Before using model for shader PBR it wants to change textures map. Or create news from hipoly.

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