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Blizzardfest medic

The work within a Blizzard contest. The character is my personal remake of the Doctor from the first Starcraft game. I am still being in love with this work of mine, since working on this model had had brought to me a good deal of motivation, enabling to work in cooperation with great peers. Total volume 180,16 mb.


There is also a full description of the creation process of this project from the sketch to the result.

marvelous design

For generation of tissues, I used the program Marvelous Designer


The model has the ability to be used in 3D printing


Game render is made in marmosetToolbag


Render of hipoly models is made in Keyshot


The model is designed by traditional polymodeling



/ PDF tutorial Russian and English / JPG Final art works / AVI high resolution 1280 x 1024(6 seconds) is rotated through 360 hi resolution / TGA textures 4096 x 4096 / PSD texture one file / GIF animation only in HTML file / Marmoset Toolbag file

Medic Tutorial

This is tutorial and my disigne character in the style star craft tutorial for beginners modelers, That will give you technical ideas for your next 3d art works and will help to better understand software tools Modo and wheght subdivision.

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